About CUW 2019

“China is entering a new phase in its development, with the emphasis in energy policy now firmly on electricity, natural gas and cleaner, high-efficiency and digital technologies and China’s choices will play a huge role in determining global trends, and could spark a faster clean energy transition.”  

* source World Energy Outlook, IEA

The power market reform of the world’s top energy producer, consumer, power generator and investor in renewables.  

The new 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP), published in March 2016, reaffirms President Xi Jinping’s vision of building a green, robust and resilient economy for the years to come.

China is quite simply the world’s largest market for electricity infrastructure development and smart grid technologies. China is expected to account for over 24 percent of the global smart grid market at around $96 billion by 2020. This energy transition that is being driven by libaralisation, digitalisation and ambitious goals to create a sustainable energy future for China. Understandably this creates many challenges and opportunities for both Chinese and International businesses. 

China Utility Week 2019 will be the largest, content rich International gathering where visions, global best practices can be shared, compared and business is done to help accelerate this sustainable digital transition.

Benefitting from being part of a global event portfolio, China Utility Week will once again utilise its global utility week event format of strategic summit, project focused hub sessions, Initiate! 

Inclusion and partnerships are key and therefore China Utility Week will serve as an annual meeting point for the community and is attended by 7000 Chinese and international visitors from all levels of the utility value chain from technology giants to startups and from senior-level experts to young talent.

A programme with two distinct purposes: Strategic discussions and Hub Sessions – for more practical industry solutions. More than 100 expert speakers will give you the insight you need to drive the industry forward.

150 exhibitors offering end-to-end industry solutions and divided into specific industry zones and country pavilions.

Initiate! is co-located with China Utility Week and will be present on the Exhibition Floor with a dedicated Programme and Exhibition area.

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