15-16 April 2019
Shanghai, China

China  UK

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At China Utility Week you can meet with experts from utilities, network operators, vendors, consultants, startups and system integrators covering the entire smart energy value chain. 

Results from our 2018 post event survey demonstrated that over 75% of visitors were satisfied or very satisfied with the event. Over 80% of visitors stated they will be back for the 2019 edition!

China Utility Week Audience Interests


  • Grid Companies
  • Power Supply Companies
  • Power Dispatching and Controlling Centers
  • Transmission and Distribution Companies
  • Electric Power Research Institutes
  • Electric Power Design Institutes
  • Power Engineering Companies
  • Power System Integration Companies
  • Power Sales Companies
  • Large-scale Power Companies
  • Real Estate Developers, Infrastructure Developers
  • Industrial Zones
  • Energy Management Companies
  • Government Related Agencies or Departments
  • Foundations/NGOs
  • Trade Associations
  • Research Institutes
  • Consultancy Consultants
  • Investment and Financing Companies
  • Water Affairs Bureaus
  • Water Investment Companies
  • Water Companies
  • Municipal Design Institutes
  • Municipal & Water Engineering Companies
  • Investment Companies
  • Government Functional Departments
  • Gas Groups/Gas Companies
  • Pipeline Gas Engineering Companies
  • Security, Fire Protection, Quality Inspection Departments
  • Gas Project Owners and Related Design Institutes
  • Gas Industry Management Systems, Application Technology
  • Research and Development Departments
  • Gas Accessories Dealers/Agents


  • Director Asset Management
  • Director Clients & Markets
  • Director Customer Relations
  • Director Distribution Services Department
  • Director General
  • Director of Consumer Affairs Service
  • Director of IT
  • Director of Residential Growth
  • Director of Smart Infrastructure
  • Director of Strategic Planning
  • Director of the Department Of Innovation
  • Director Procurement & REM
  • Emerging Energy Technology Specialist
  • Expert of New Technology Strategy
  • First Vice President Head of Networks
  • Head Metering Services Asset Management
  • Head of Asset Strategy
  • Head of Central Grid Management
  • Head of Commercial
  • Head of Commercial Performance Management
  • Head of Commercial Strategy & Planning
  • Head of Consumer Strategy
  • Head of Controlling
  • Head of Corporate Center of Competence Smart Grid
  • Head of Customer Solutions Development
  • Head of Department B2C Clients
  • Head of Department MIRE
  • Head of ECO Consumer Strategy
  • Head of Electrical Network
  • Head Unit, Renewable Energy Sources Energy Efficiency
  • Innovation Expert
  • Lead Innovation Manager
  • Network Technologies & Smart Metering Manager
  • Project Manager Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Systems Program Mgr.
  • Renewable Energy Technology Officer
  • Senior Network Solution Manager
  • Head of End Customer Applications and New Technologies
  • Head of Energy Solutions & Services
  • Head of Energy Storage Innovative Business Opportunities
  • Head of ICT
  • Head of Innovation & Strategy
  • Head of International Operations
  • Head of Local Energy Systems
  • Head of Meter Data Management
  • Head of Metering
  • Head of Metering and Installations
  • Head of Metering and Settlement
  • Head of Network Control Department
  • Head of Network Technology
  • Head of Operation Smart Grid Solutions
  • Head of Optimisation
  • Head of Power & Renewables
  • Head of Product Management
  • Head of Products and Delivery
  • Head of Program Sustainable Cities
  • Head of R&D Department Energy & Advanced Technologies
  • Head of Settlements
  • Head of Smart Grid Solution Center
  • Head of Smart Grids
  • Head of Smart Grids Development
  • Head of Smart Metering and Industry Codes
  • Head of Strategy Projects and Technical Development
  • Head of the Department for Secondary Systems
  • Head of the Transmission Network Planning Research Group
  • Head of Transmission Line
  • Senior Vice President of Commercial Planning, Marketing and Innovation
  • Thematic Leader of Renewable Energies
  • Vice President - Head Regulatory Affairs
  • Vice President Head of Innovation Centre Distribution
  • Vice President Innovation Portfolio Management
  • VP New Business
  • VP Smart Energy Standardization

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